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KUALA LUMPUR, 26 May 2022. The Land of the Rising Sun’s national concert hall network has officially opened its doors to Malaysians, today A subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment lJapan) Inc. Zepp Kuala Lumpur is located in the heart of the city centre and is a part of the Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC) development. Having been around since 1998, this is Zepp Hall Network’s 10th event hall, with eight outlets in Japan and another one in Taiwan, Zepp New Taipei.

Bunkface become the first Band performs at Zapp KL upon opening

The idea for this game-changing facility came about more than 20 years ago. In 1998, there were no proper standing concert venues for mid-sized audiences of 2,000-3.000. To fill that gap and provide an alternative venue to the usually seated theatres for rock band performances. Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc joined forces with Zepp to develop a one-stop solution for concerts. for artists from across Japan. “Zepp has come a long way since its inception What started off as a venue to help artists in Japan. has now grown into a business that offers solutions for various industries and events, be it corporate conferences. car exhibitions or weddings We are extremely pleased to be launching our first Malaysian branch. Zepp Kuala Lumpur.” said Shinichiro Honda, Vice President of Hall Operation Division, Zepp HalI Network Inc.

Shinichiro Honda, Vice President of Hall Operation Division, Zepp HalI Network Inc.

“We looked at the Malaysian event space market and spotted a potential for Zepp to become the go-to option for a variety of shows, including concerts. corporate. social and personal events By ensuring our KL event space meets the highest standards of our hall networks in Japan. we are confident that we can ultimately contribute and help Malaysia’s entertainment and events industry to continue growing to new heights by offering a world-class concert venue and event hall.’ added Honda.

Spanning across 6.500 sq metres in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with a 2,414 capacity, Zepp Kuala Lumpur boasts some top-notch facilities that have become synonymous with the global Zepp brand. Zepp’s latest venture includes eight VIP boxes with private lounges and seating areas. high-quality pre-installed lighting and audio equipment that makes rehearsal setups a breeze and helps event organisers save production costs.

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Honda further added. ‘This all-new event hall will also act as a cultural exchange centre, not only between Malaysia and Japan but between Malaysia and Taiwan too. There is a strong synergy between Malay and Taiwanese music and we see huge potential here. We’re proud that with Zepp KL, we will be able to harness that potential by being the hub for all future collaboration opportunities between Malaysia and Taiwan. in terms of music.’ The official opening also witnessed Malaysia’s much-loved band – Bunkface, performing their fan-favourite hits which rocked Zepp Kuala Lumpur! To keep the momentum going is City ROARS! Festival, happening on 28th May, 3.00pm – ll.00pm, an annual indie music festival that brings Asian artists together on a single platform Zepp Kuala Lumpur will also be home to SEARCH, Malaysia’s legendary rock band who is set to deliver an epic night for fans on 4th 5th June, 8.30pm – 10.30pm Loved by many worldwide for its versatility, Malaysians can now also look forward to hosting a myriad of events here. be it corporate events, fashion shows. TV and advertising recordings. dinner events. eSports tournaments. or martial arts performances. So, go ahead and electrify your next event with Zepp Kuala Lumpur!

For more information on the launch of Zepp Kuala Lumpur or should you have any queries. do reach out to Shinichiro Honda at inquiry.kl.zepp.co.jp or visit their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ZPKualaLumpur.

About Zepp Mataysia SDN BHD
Zepp Malaysia SDN BHD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zepp Hall Network inc and is the operator of Zepp Kuala Lumpur, a world-class concert and event hall Zepp KL fits 2414 peDple The hall includes eight box VIP rooms with balcony seats, two bar counters, five changing roams. and an artist lounge Zepp KL also provides plenty of loading space and is fitted with state-of-the-art NEXO Speakers, YAMAHA PM10 FOH Console and grandMA3 Lighting Console. About Zepp Hall Network inc Zepp Hall Network inc is owned by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) inc and Cool Japan Fund inc Since 1998. Zepp has hosted plenty of international shows and is widely regarded as the top music hall network in Asia Zepp now operates 8 halls in Japan, one hall in Taiwan and in Malaysia – eWanaTV

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