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Petaling Jaya, 16th July 2022 – The grand final of the Super Model Universe Malaysia 2022 which is the Malaysian edition of the world renown Super Model Universe franchise was staged at the Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel in Mutiara Damansara, today.

Thiru Umaran, a 33-year-old medical doctor and entrepreneur from Penang was declared the champion in the male category of Super Model Universe Malaysia 2022, while 30-year-old medical doctor Yogamathi Ulaganathan, also from Penang was crowned champion in the female category. They will both represent Malaysia at the world finals of the competition later this year. Umaran also won the Best Fitness (Male) subsidiary title.

Taking the runner-up spot in the male category was 36-year-old Vasanthan Sinnapan while 23-year-old freelancer Muhammad Yusry snapped up the 2nd runner-up spot. Vasanthan also bagged the People’s Choice Champion subsidiary title.

In the female category, 24-year-old Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus student Vanisha Kuharaj, was crowned runner-up while 20-year-old freelance model Agnes Liew from Ipoh, Perak was crowned 2nd runner-up. Vanisha also won the Most Photogenic subsidiary title while Liew won the People’s Choice Champion subsidiary title.

The teen category of the competition saw 16-year-old student Ryan Liew from Ipoh, Perak emerging as champion. The runner up spot went to 16 year-old Suhaanikaran, while the 2nd runner-up spot was secured by 17-year-old Sumyuktha Lissandra Khanum.

Kuala Lumpur resident, 8-year-old Chloe Law Zhi Ling emerged as the kids’ female champion with the second and third spots going to 6-year-old Bavisha Kaur and 7-year-old Sandyaa Ruban respectively.

Eight-year-old Hansen Chua won the kids’ Photo Model Champion (Under 12) subsidiary title while the kids’ People’s Choice Champion subsidiary title went to 6-year-old Rhanadheeran.

The Super Model Universe Malaysia 2022 (International Male) title went to Bashir Tayari, a 21-year-old footballer, student & translator from Libya. The runner’s up spot was awarded to 36-year-old hotelier Sunny from India, with 23-year-old physiotherapy student Fouad Bashar from Syria snapping up the 2nd runner-up title. Tayari also won Grande Malaysia 2022 Ambassador title while Bashar won the Best Physique subsidiary title. Sunny meanwhile took home the International People’s Choice subsidiary title.

The international female title went to 20-year-old computer science undergraduate Oliza Khan from Bangladesh. Oliza also won the Best Personality subsidiary title as well as the Diamonia 2022 and Grande Malaysia 2022 ambassador titles.

The winners were selected by a panel of judges made of industry experts and key sponsors that included YM Tengku Dato Shanaz Aziz, founder & CEO of La Mode Group Alex Lim, founder & CEO of Diamonia Jewelry Shingary, CEO & co-founder of Book’d Carl Graham, Mrs Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019 Trini Wong, IFFB Fitness Champion Morteza Sheikholeslami, fashion designers Jonathan Kok & Farel Mikhail, Super Model Universe Malaysia 2022 Ambassador Previtha Rajah, Super Model Universe Malaysia 2019 Ambassador Renee Tang, Beast Cosmetics founder & CEO Jasrina Jasni, Dr Chong Clinic’s aesthetic physician Dr Chong, Grande Malaysia’s founder & CEO Hannaritha Singa, Super Model Universe Malaysia 2021 Beauty & Aesthetic Ambassador Marianny Ismail and Industries Unite co-founder & lawyer Dato’ David Gurupatham.

Participating designers for the competition which is in its fourth consecutive year in Malaysia included Alex Lim (menswear), Jonathan Kok & Farel Mikhail (batik), Faridz Salleh (gowns), Zuraidah Said (kids casual & formal), Fitrah Kamarudin (batik swimwear), Gib Idris (batik swimwear), Zulis & Zuzu Creations.

The competition was organized by license holder Ammetta Malhotra Bergin. Key sponsors included Diamonia, Grande Malaysia, Dr Chong Clinic, Beast Cosmetics, 4Ever 365 Young. Nottingheels, Level 1 Bangsar, UVeCare & XES.

The competition was emceed by Supermodel Universe 2019 Champion Thalia Thin and wellness & life coach Kris Malhotra.

The entire competition was streamed live on official media partner Rentak Sejuta’s FB page.

Complete Results


Champion – Thiru Umaran
Runner Up – Vasanthan Sinnapan
2nd Runner Up – Muhammad Yusry
3rd Runner Up – Athavan
4th Runner Up – Eugene Joseph

Subsidiary Title:

People’s Choice Champion – Vasanthan Sinnapan
Best Talent – Athavan
Best Fitness – Thiru Umaran
Best Body – Jason Veera
Best Personality – Eugene Joseph
Most Photogenic – Muhaimin
Mr Congeniality – Yusof Jamil
Mr Body Positivity – Kelvin Delmotte
Most Eloquent – Ruban
Promising New Talent – Spencer Tan


Champion – Yogamathi Ulaganathan
Runner Up – Vanisha Kuharaj
2nd Runner Up – Agnes Liew
3rd Runner Up – Jessica Arasu
4th Runner Up – Chelsea Colette

Subsidiary Title:

People’s Choice Champion – Agnes Liew
Best Talent – Cammie Chin
Most Photogenic – Vanisha Kuharaj
Most Popular – Jessica Arasu
Best Catwalk -Anuregkha
Best Fitness – Chelsea Colette
Best Figure – Cammie Chin


Champion – Ryan Liew
Runner Up – Suhaanikaran
2nd Runner Up – Sumyuktha Lissandra Khanum

Subsidiary Title:

People’s Choice Champion (Teen) – Sumyuktha Lissandra Khanum


Champion – Chloe Law Zhi Ling
Runner Up – Bavisha Kaur
2nd Runner Up – Sandyaa Ruban

Subsidiary Title:

People’s Choice Champion (Female Under 12) – Bavisha Kaur
People’s Choice Champion (Male Under 12) – Rhanadheeran
Photo Model Champion (Under 12) – Hansen Chua

International Male:

Champion – Bashir Tayari (Libya)
Runner Up – Sunny (India)
2nd Runner Up – Fouad Bashar (Syria)
3rd Runner Up – Jahangir Khan (Pakistan)
4th Runner Up – Josh Nero (Soloman Island)

Subsidiary Title:

International People’s Choice Champion – Sunny
Most Popular – Syed Hamid Hussain (Pakistan)
Best Physique – Fouad Bashar
Best Catwalk – Jahangir Khan (Pakistan)
Promising New Talent – Mustapha (Somalia)
Grande Malaysia 2022 Ambassador – Bashir Tayari

International Female:

Champion – Oliza Khan (Bangladesh)

Subsidiary Title:

Best Personality – Oliza Khan
Diamonia Jewelry 2022 Ambassador – Oliza Khan
Grande Malaysia 2022 Ambassador – Oliza Khan

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