Emperor Motion Pictures’ Movie “Raging Fire” Release ont 2nd December 2021 Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse Ultimate Showdown

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Emperor Motion Pictures’ Movie “Raging Fire” is directed and produced by Benny Chan, with Donnie Yen as Producer and Action Director, starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, and Qin Lan, is the most anticipated Chinese action movie in 2021. The highlight for this is a combination of Director Benny Chan’s signature high octane action movie accompanied by Donnie Yen’s explosive personal style action choreography. The ultimate showdown between him and Nicholas Tse in the film has attracted the attention of fans all over the world.

“Raging Fire” just released the new explosive teaser trailer with the announcement that the movie will be released this year on 2nd December 2021. In the trailer, the relationship between Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse’s characters gradually becomes clear. The two have repeatedly engaged in fights – fierce gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, street racing and extremely explosive cat and mouse play, with all the makings of an action blockbuster movie!

Benny Chan and Donnie Yen showcase strong combat style Nicholas Tse returns to challenge as a villain again
The action and gun battle scenes in the movie are breathless, lifelike and fast-paced. The opposite roles of Donnie Yen’s and Nicholas Tse’s characters also became the focus. In the trailer, after “Ip Man” and following up from his memorable breakthrough roles in “SPL” and “Flash Point” Donnie Yen returned to the modern fighting style as an incisive and vivid detective that will be equally captivating. Nicholas Tse returned to the big screen, once again as the villain. Prior to this, he has portrayed many classic villain characters, and audiences are looking forward to his performance.

Along with the trailer, there are also two teaser posters. Donnie Yen charging into battle in the rain of bullets, Nicholas Tse leading the bandits with a gun to refute fire in the streets, the battle between the two sides was about to start.

The scenes are fiery hot and exciting, and Director Benny Chan’s action movie stylehas always been unique. The audiences loved it, especially action fans, and everyone has high expectations for “Raging Fire”. This time with Benny Chan and Donnie Yen as the producer, the movie is bound to bring you the most visually refreshing entertainment. In the trailer, there are thrilling gun battles between Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse, the hand-to-hand combat fight with heavy punches, just a teaser of the various action scenes already have the audiences super excited.

In the new teaser trailer of “Raging Fire”, you can see for the first time where DonnieYen and Nicholas Tse confront each other in the interrogation room. The two characters in one room and they seem to be engaged in a calm conversation that is actually full of hints of the story that will unfold. It also makes everyone more aware of this ultimate war that will light the streets with fire. Let us all look forward to it!


Raging Fire” is directed by Benny Chan, and produced by Benny Chan and Donnie Yen, starring Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse and Qin Lan. “Raging Fire” will be released on 2 December 2021 is distributed in Malaysia by Licensee & Distributor Lotus Five Star with Marketing Partner RAM Entertainment.
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